• State of the art training mats in every training room. Swain Olympic mats are the top product for performance and safety. Of course puzzle mats and roll mats would have been less expensive, but these mats cannot offer the same protection from continuous impact on the bones and joints.

• Spacious training areas. Martial Arts requires space to run, jump and fly. Our 3 matted training areas allow each student the room to practice without fear of crashing or being over crowded.

• Comfortable seating area for spectators and parents.

• Child play area for younger siblings or children while adults are training.

• Weight room and cardio equipment free for parents and students or family members over 14 years old. 

• Online video training as a supplement to instructor taught classes.

• Classes available every day, several times a day for each belt level.

• Make up all missed classes, flexible schedule.

• Cafe lounge area. Restaurants and coffee shop withing walking distance. 

White Tiger started decades ago as a small rental space like everyone else. Our happy students created our growth.


All White Tiger Taekwondo Black Belts are certified through the Kukkiwon in South Korea. This is the governing body for Olympic Style Taekwondo. All White Tiger Hapkido Black Belts are certified through the Korean Hapkido Federation in South Korea. Certification from White Tiger is the highest level recognized and is transferable around the world. 


White Tiger was created, by Master Rondy. She has overcome all potential barriers as a woman and a non-Asian to build the world’s largest and most reputable Martial Arts school in the world. Master Rondy gifted the school to her long-time student Michael Champitto. He has been entrusted to carry on the White Tiger legacy. 


We are the friendliest Martial Arts school in town! Instructors and staff are background checked prior to hiring.

White Tiger is the largest school in the world and is considered the ultimate teaching opportunity for instructors. Our success allows us to offer the highest salaries, fewest work hours and most benefits. This allows us the top pick when hiring. White Tiger takes our responsibility of being positive role models for our students very seriously. Our standards and expectations are very high for employees - our students’ safety and well-being is our number one priority. Many applicants that did not meet these standards can be found teaching for other local schools. 

White Tiger staff never stops learning! All employees are receiving continuing education and skill training. 


Even though our location has so much to offer, we keep our pricing in line with other schools in town.

Every new student is offered the chance to participate in a trial program. Continuing programs are offered by the month, there are some discounted packages available as well.  You will never be held to a “contract” or be charged for time you did not use. 

We offer a variety of plans to meet all needs: few or many classes per week, plans for families, plans for home schoolers, business travelers, special needs, ladies only, military, law enforcement, corporate benefits packages, school teachers, adults only, teens and preschoolers. 


It is not just about the training. It is about the experience and the wonderful people you will meet and relationships you will make here. Enjoy friendly competitions and tournaments from in-house level to international, parent date nights, campouts in the school, summer camp, field trips, birthday parties, craft nights, leadership team socials, holiday parties, parent meet ups, special guests, movie previews and specialized seminars.

Ready? Let’s do this. Master Mike 919-469-3553

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