• Certified Masters Seminar, Taekwondo Kukkiwon

• Certified Masters Seminar,  Korea Hapkido Federation

• Certified Masters Seminar Ji Do Kwan

• 8th Degree Black Belt      Ji Do Kwan Taekwondo

• 7th Degree Black Belt Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Federation

• 7th Degree Black Belt          The World Taekwon Moodo Federation

• 7th Degree Black Belt Korean Hapkido Federation

• Completed the 16 part Masters Series Seminars by the Dragon Society International

• 4th Degree Black Belt World Pro Taekwondo Federation

• Certified Instructor “Sifu”  Samuel Kwok Wing Chun

• Certified Instructor

• International WTF Poomsae Referee (IR)

• Certified: Yoga Instructor 

• Certified: Fitness Instructor

• Certified: Feng Shui Consultant


• “ Woman of the Year” Black Belt Magazine Dec 2019

• SISU Kwan, founder 

• Rondy McKee/White Tiger Taekwondo • 2018 Top Ranked Taekwondo School Internationally by the Kukkiwon

• Korean Hapkido Federation • Approved as Official KHF School

• Deputy Secretary General of Marketing, US Taekwondo Committee 2018

• Technical Advisory Board, Kukkiwon, Korea 2017-2018

• Master of the Year 2012  

• School of the Year 2011

• Decree Kukkiwon   

• Taekwondo U.S. Ambassador to Korea - Olympic 2000 Sydney Games Rules and Regulations Committee World Leaders Seminar, Kukkiwon

• Graduate - Kukkiwon Taekwondo Instructor’s Academy

• Black Belt of the Year ‘92 by U.S. Taekwondo Ji Do Kwan Association

• Taekwondo, Hapkido Instructor Dong Yang Doejahng, Korea

• 40 Under 40 Business Leaders Hall of Fame 2004

• Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization (YEO)

• Martial Arts Professional MAgazine Cover 2006

• Co-Director Taekwondo events at 2008 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic

• Taekwondo Times cover March 2008

• sHERO award, Skirt Magazine Sept 2009

• Taekwondo Times cover March 2010

• MA Success Magazine cover October 2005

• MA Success Magazine cover April 2012

• Inducted into Martial Arts Hall of Honors 2011

• Goodwill Ambassador to Martial Arts 2012-2016

• Inducted into Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2012

• Inducted into Karate Hall of Fame 2013

• Cover Martial Science 2016

• Cover MA Encyclopedia

• Cover/Feature Story MA Success January 2018

• Distinguished Renowned Martial Artist Award, Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors 2018

• Hall of Honors, Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Arts Association, Spain 2018


• Founder of White Tiger Community Cares Foundation benefiting At-Risk Youth, working with the local Police Department toward youth gang avoidance and The Anti-Bully Campaign

• Recipient “Community Service Award” Cary Chamber of Commerce 

• Organizing Committee for the White Tiger 5K fun run for charity, Bond Park


• Columnist, Taekwondo Times Magazine  “East Meets West”

Columnist, Taekwondo Times Magazine “Business Section”

• Developer White Tiger MD -Management Development, mentorship service for Martial Arts schools

• Bodyguard, Senator Dodd, Governor Hunt

• Actor in two episodes of Zen beauty: Syndicated TV Series

• Product Model, Tiger Claw

• Korean Tigers Professional Demonstration Team (only Non-Asian member of team) Lived in Korea from ‘94-’96

• Former co-owner/ Manager /Senior Instructor Tiger Chung’s Total Fitness Center

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