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Demonstration and Stunt Team. By audition only, auditions held March and August. Green Belt and higher. All styles, all ages. Application.

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Lady Tigers Teaching Team. Green Belts & higher. Team meets Fridays at 8:15pm and for seminars each month. 

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Taekwondo Poomsay Competition Team. Special forms classes meet several times per week. 

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Taekwondo Teaching Team. Adults may join at Green Belt, children may join at Bodon Belt. 

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Hapkido Teaching Team. For Green Belt and higher.

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Tiger Tot and Taekwondo Home Demonstration Team. See Mr. Mike to apply.

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Kung Fu Teaching Team. Green Sash and higher. Class meets Fridays at 8:15.

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For students wishing to learn how to operate a martial arts school. Contact Master Mike to be considered.

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For students 13 years or older who enjoy working with children and managing kids activities. Application.

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Adreanal Stress Response Training “Redman”. Mature students, Black Belt and higher. Men to wear the Redman, women to coach.

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All Black Belt Candidates will participate in the Community Cares program which benefits our At-Risk Youth. 

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