Saturday October 1: Pre-Black Belt Seminar 2:00pm - for all students planning to register to test for Black Belt next May (2023). MANDATORY for all planning to test to 1st degree. Students will be evaluated on their readiness to test and be provided with detailed notes as to what will be required of them in order to qualify for the testing process that begins on December 3. 

Saturday October 1: 12:30pm Team White Tiger Self-Defense Seminar at Overture Senior Center

Monday October 3: GAECHEONJEOL - National Foundation Day (Korea). Also known as the "Festival of the Opening of Heaven", Tangun Day or Gaecheon-gol, Foundation Day commemorates the traditional founding of Korea by Tangun in 2333 B.C 

Saturday October 5: Black Belt Seminar #5 2:00pm - next seminar (#6) Nov 5. 

Wednesday October 12: Black Belt Logs Available

Saturday October 8: HANGUL DAY OBSERVED (Oct 9): holiday in South Korea, marks the invention and proclamation of the Korean alphabet in 1446. (INSTRUCTORS WEAR HANGUL DOE-BOKES)

Saturday October 8: SUNY Oswego vs SUNY Cortland annual Dragon Sword Field Hockey game. Sword donated by Wanjangnim Michael to his alma mater (Oswego) that is annually presented to the winner of the game. Anyone coming to class wearing GREEN & GOLD gets 1 Tiger Ticket & $1 TK-Dough (5 tickets & $5 TK-Dough if Oswego actually wins). 

Thursday October 13: US NAVY Birthday - 20% discount to military personnel, active or retired, who are new to White Tiger Students 

Saturday October 22: Kick-a-thon to benefit Community Cares Charity. All Black Belt Candidates testing in November to participate... Other students may also register to participate  1:00pm

Monday October 24: DIWALI

Saturday October 29: White Tiger Halloween Party 6pm-8:00pm

Sunday October 30: SCHOOL WIDE DEEP CLEANING. Black Belt Candidates final pay-it-forward requirement. Other students are welcome and encouraged to participate.  

Monday October 31: Special Guest Renshi Jeff White & Versatile Fighting Arts joins Hapkido class (7:30pm) FINAL VISIT (Jeff is moving to NOLA)

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