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White Tiger will be hosting an in-house virtual tournament for its students on Friday August 28. There will be no classes held on this day. The tournament will be conducted via ZOOM during normal class hours (with exact times currently to be determined). We will have six (6) categories/events (listed below). The first five events will be held at specific times while the sixth event (TRIPLE THREAT) will be recorded by the student and submitted to the office midnight on Saturday August 22.

TRADITIONAL FORMS (for all ranks)

Perform your last form, current form or higher. Can be performed with or without the current music. Judging will be based upon understanding of poomsae, coordination of moves, pace, power and ki-halp.

CREATIVE FORM (for all ranks)

Perform an original poomsae. Creative poomsae can include: props, music, costumes, etc. Judging will be based upon: creativity, difficulty, power and spirit.

Maximum time: 90 seconds

COMBINED FORMS (for green belts and higher)

Perform all taekwondo forms from Gi-Bone Hyung 1 through your current belt level form, non-stop, one pah-ro between each form, without any other stops or pauses. Judging will be based upon, precision of moves and stances, power, pace and understanding.

WEAPONS (for green belts and higher)

Perform an original weapons demonstration or learned weapons form using the weapon of your choice. Judging will be based upon: demonstration of the weapon, creativity, power, difficulty of moves and presentation.

CREATIVE BREAKING (for yellow stripes and higher)

Judging will be based upon: creativity, difficulty, style and presentation. Failure to complete a break will not necessarily result in a deduction of points.

TRIPLE THREAT (for green belts and higher)

Perform a creative poomsae that includes weapons and breaking. Judging will be based upon creativity, transition from one component to another, complexity of moves, presentation and spirit

Recording of demonstration must be submitted to the White Tiger office, with payment, no later than midnight on Saturday August 22 to be eligible.

Maximum time: 90 seconds

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