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Versatile Fighting Arts is a traditional martial arts school designed for today’s world. Our focus is on concepts and principles as well as techniques and applications. The goal of Versatile Fighting Arts is to equip the student with skills and abilities that will enable the individual to defend and protect against harm from others while at the same time developing the spirit, mind and body.

We focus on both the internal and the external aspects of martial arts in order to develop the entire person. A calm mind and peaceful spirit are better able to utilize the options that are at his or her disposal than an agitated and restless mind. Additionally, focus allows one to be in the present moment and bring all of their energies to bear to greatly enhance their abilities. All aspects of the person are developed together so that the spirit , mind and body work together.

Versatile Fighting Arts is not an MMA school. Our name is meant to emphasize the fighting spirit and skills of the warrior who rises to the occasion and meets all challenges with integrity, respect, courage and honor. Students are not required to spar with anyone though we do believe in building our training so that the individual is confident in the skills they possess.

We teach an eclectic blend of Shuri-te jujitsu and kuntao silat. In each case, we bring out differences and similarities so the student has a full understanding of their art. We teach footwork, postures,entrances, striking, locks, grappling and holds.

Our styles: Shuri-te Jujutsu, Kuntao Silat Morin, Kanda Ha Kamishin Jujitsu

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