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Member Packages
Name, Age, Styles

Upgrade to enroll now in a special package. Buy 4 months and receive 2 months for FREE. In addition, we will waive the registration fee and save you $75. This package allows class training every week and open mat time. 

Some styles and classes have requirements, here is a general list:

• Tiger Tots - for preschool age children

• Taekwondo - for all ages 5 and up. Adult classes are for teens & adults.

• Hapkido - for teens and adults. Children may take hapkido after they have tested for their Taekwondo Black Belt.

• Lady Tigers - for women only

• Wing Chun Kung Fu for teens, adults, senior adults. 

• Weapons class, wear any WT uniform, must borrow or purchase weapons, ideal for higher ranks. 

If you wish to attend different disciplines, you will need the proper uniform for that class. See the pro shop. 

Hurry, this special upgrade pacage is being offered for the first 25 students only. If you miss it, or if you would just like to enroll by the month, you may enroll HERE.

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