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Yellow Stripe • 9th Gup is eligible to attend Sparring Class with gear. See the pawshop for gear. See the office if you would like to upgrade for more classes.

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Yellow Belt • 8th Gup will need to spar at testing to get to the next level.  

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Green Stripe • 7th Gup is eligible to attend Board Breaking Class. Use foam boards in class, or see the pawshop if you would like to purchase real board.

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Green Belt • 6th Gup Adults may join the Leadership Team. Green Belt Children and Adults may audition for Demo Team. 

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Blue Belt • 4th Gup Taekwondo and Hapkido students may add Weapons to their membership. Blue Belt Lady Tigers may now attend Board Breaking Class. 

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Bodon Belt • Bodon children may now join the Leadership Team. Black Belt tests are held in May and November. See the office 7 months prior to your test date to pick up your Black Belt Training Log to attend prep seminars and to order your embroidered belt. 

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Provisional Black Belt children may now add Hapkido to their membership. Provisional Black Belt Lady Tiger may now add weapons to their membership. 

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Certified Black Belt Dans (over 16 years old) may now serve as a judge at the color belt testings. 

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