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Best classes to start with:

Taekwondo beginner classes: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 6:30pm. Thursday 6:15, Friday 6:45. After basics have been learned, may graduate to other available classes. See schedule below. Taekwondo Adults may also begin on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon.  

Lady Tigers: Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:30pm and Thursday at Noon.

Kung Fu: Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00pm and Thursday at 7:30pm.

Hapkido: Monday 12:45 & 7:30pm, Wednesday 12:45 & 8:15pm, Friday 12:45 & 7:30pm, Saturday 9:45am

Fit Club: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10am

Tots: Monday 6:15, 6:45pm, Tuesday 6:15, 6:45pm, Wednesday 6:45, Thursday 6:45, Saturday 10am and 11am.


Train until Feb 1 with free uniform
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