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Monday, April 16 and later.

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Monday, April 16 to Saturday, April 21. Bring a friend to class. Prizes will be awarded everyday to attendees. Grand prize will be awarded on Saturday - the Red & Blue Hamster Balls! Download your invites here, invite a different friend every day!

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Saturday, April 21 from 3:30-4:15. We will hold all regular classes on this day.

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Saturday, April 28 from 2-6pm. 

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Saturday, April 28 

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Saturday, May 5 at Myrtle Beach. Held during the DSI Convention. Attend the Poomsae Seminar only - or stay for all 3 days of the convention. Click here for more details and registration.

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Saturday, May 5 • Get invites from your instructor.

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Saturday, May 5 from 2:00-3:30. Get your tickets in advance.

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Saturday, May 12. The last Black Belt Rehearsal before the test. Have your training logs complete. They must be turned in at the beginning of the rehearal.

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Friday, May 18. Practice for students who tested in November and will recieve their certificates and belts the following day. Casual attire.

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Saturday, May 19 from 12:30 to 12:50.

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Saturday, May 19 from 11:50am to 3:00. 

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Saturday, May 19. Tickets required.

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Monday, May 21. Scenario based self defense seminar. Wear street clothes. No fee, no registration - just show up.

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Saturday, June 9. Seminar 1 for kids & adults: Basics from 2:00-3:15. Seminar 1 & 2 for adults: Basics and Application 3:30-5:00. Get your advance tickets here now, prices will go up.


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