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SESSION 1: Tuesday, May 2 from 8:15pm to 9pm • Basic Firearms Safety • FREE SESSION

No personal guns allowed. Women only. Must be 21 or older to attend. Instructor will provide firearm examples (light handgun handling by participants). Class duration 45 minutes; during this time the student will learn the basic four rules of firearm safety and how to properly identify and handle a firearm, this includes rifle, shotgun and pistol.

SESSION 2: Tuesday, May 9 from 8:15pm to 9pm • Child Safety and Proper Storage of a Firearm • FREE SESSION

This class will cover the North Carolina laws governing the possession and security of firearms in the home, around children and proper storage devices for firearms in the home and how to deal with neighboring gun owners.

SESSION 3: Tuesday, May 16 from 8:15pm to 9pm • Basic Pistol Skills • FREE SESSION

(DRY FIRE ONLY ABSOLUTELY NO AMMO) BYOG “bring your own gun” if you have one. Here the student will learn the basic pistol skills required to properly shoot and handle a handgun. Correct shooting posture, basic grip, sight alignment/sight picture and trigger control.

SESSION 4: Tuesday, May 23 from 8:15pm to 9pm • Concealed Carrier Options (BYOG) • COST $55

Must attend session 1-3 to attend range day. Sessions 4 and 5 are not required for range day session 6, but are highly recommended. Absolutely no ammunition allowed on the premises. During this session the student will learn how to properly conceal and deploy their firearm during an altercation. The class will cover, drawing the firearm, basic shoot and move tactics and other firearms drills from purses, holsters, pockets and such. 

There is no discount for bringing your own gun and ammo – both will be inspected to ensure all equipment meets required industry safety standards.  

What does the $55 fee include: All Range Fees • All Ammo  • The use of Templar owned firearms • Refreshments and snacks • Completion Certificate at the end of Session 2 and 6  

SESSION 5: Saturday June 3 from 6:00-8:00pm • NC Laws Governing the use of Deadly Force:  “state requirement”

The North Carolina Laws Governing The Use Of Deadly Force. Students are not required to attend this course to participate on range day. However, this two hour class is a state requirement to qualify them to earn their Concealed Carry Certificate at the end of range day.

SESSION 6: Sunday, June 4 from 10am-4:00pm • Range Day

During this day students will be provide shooting solutions that will enhance their skills using firearms for defense. Exercises such as, shooting from standing position, kneeling and through garments and purses will be employed, they will also learn how to use a shotgun, just in case the need arises.

CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED, CONTACT THE OFFICE AT 919-469-3553 OR to reserve your space.


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